HBA Support featured as guest speakers at the Brain Aneurysm Foundation's latest webinar, which focused on brain aneurysms and genetics.   Rebecca Middleton, Chief Executive of HBA Support, was a guest speaker alongside Dr William Gibson - a senior clinician scientist from the British Columbia Children's Hospital Research Institute. 

screenshot of webinar with speakers from HBA Support and Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Rebecca shared her story and some of the findings from HBA Support's recent research review, and Dr William Gibson talked about his research into finding mutations in major “epigenes” – the genes that code for proteins that open DNA up to activate it, or close it down to keep it quiet.

Watch the webinar to learn about the genetics behind hereditary brain aneurysms, what research is happening now, discussions you should have with relatives, actions you should take when brain aneurysms run in the family, and more.