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Webinar: Are Brain Aneurysms Hereditary?

Updated: Feb 14

A common question for people at risk of or diagnosed with a brain aneurysm is, "Is this hereditary?".

In this webinar, CEO and founder of Hereditary Brain Aneurysm Support, Rebecca Middleton, discusses this question with Dawn Roberts, who had a brain aneurysm that was screened for because of a strong family history, and Professor Julian Barwell, a consultant clinical geneticist at Leicester University Hospital Trust, and Honorary Professor in Genomic Medicine.

Dawn shares her diagnosis story and how a cluster of brain aneurysms in her immediate family led to a diagnosis of familial brain aneurysms and a lack of public awareness of brain aneurysms. Julian talks about how diagnosis can be improved and his thoughts on finding the genetic factors that cause hereditary brain aneurysms.

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